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Wifi is one essential technology which is attached to our life carrying great value. It is the way through which we can connect to the internet at a faster blazing speed. These days many users are facing sudden disconnection or malfunction in their wifi Connection. The target operating system is Windows 10 where people are facing issues with Wifi. While outdated Wifi driver can be the most viable reason, there can be other underlying reasons which can cause a sudden discontinuity in the wifi connection. If you are facing the same issue, then worry not as here we present you with the detailed guide on How to rectify Wifi Keeps Disconnecting problem. A point to note is that the guide presented here for the fix is generally for Windows 10 users as the problem persists usually for Windows 10 only. Possible causes for Wifi Keeps Disconnecting problem
Windows 10 is one of many Operating Systems where the issue of Wifi getting disconnected of its own is majorly reported. According to a few of the forums for Windows 10, there are several reasons which are responsible for this minor yet disturbing issue. These are some of the common causes for the issues reported. Likely, the cause of your issue might not be the same as listed here.

Wifi Driver Malfunction:

The most common cause for Wifi getting disconnected by it is the Wifi Driver malfunction. What happens is, Windows provide updates for its drivers regularly. Sometimes the update does not go as planned and thus the wifi driver does not update to the latest version. This in turn creates contradictions with Wifi Router. The Wifi Router gets updated on its own regularly as it is independent of its own.

Malfunction in the Wireless Adapter: 

Another common cause faced by users is the unnecessary changes made in the wireless adapter knowingly or unknowingly. The changes can create disturbance in wifi connection on your computer which leads to wifi getting disconnected on its own frequently.

Wifi signal not in Range: 

There is a signal range dedicated for every router. Usually, it is 10 meters and in some high-end routers, it might go much above this threshold. Your Wifi connection will keep on disrupting if the wifi router is far from your computer device.

Windows 10 built-in software – Wifi Sense might be causing the problem:

Windows 10 has introduced a new application which is known as Wifi Sense. This application helps in connecting to a wifi network easily. However, sometimes it will go for wifi which has good signal strength. In that case, your original wifi connection may get disrupted.

Power optimization setting: 

Windows since windows 7 has introduced power saving mode which is very much improved in Windows 10. This feature helps during low battery power by consuming maximum energy. The feature pause all background activity and activities that will consume more power. Wifi connection falls on the list which consumes more power and thus turns it off.

How to fix this problem of Wifi getting disconnected automatically?

Method 1: Quick Fix

– You can restart your device or computer where the problem persists. Alternatively, you can restart your modem/router or reset its settings.
– In case you are having a problem resetting your router, contact ISP’s customer care as changing anything without knowing about it may permanently disrupt your connection.
– If this problem only persists in one of your devices and works fine for others, then you need to update your driver of the wifi Adapter.

Method 2: Long Procedures

Given below are some perquisites which you should follow to avoid loss of data and get the repair process done smoothly.

Backing up your data

Back up your data into an external hard drive or a different device. This will ensure your valuable data stays intact even if there is an issue while fixing the error.

Make sure you are logged in to the Admin account : 

Make sure you have logged in to the Administrator account on your device. An administrator has all the rights and privileges to make some internal changes. Thus a local account without admin rights won’t help in making some fixes.

Fix1: Change your Network to Private from Public

Check if your home network is in the public state or Private State. If it is in a public state then you need to change the network to Private to rectify the problem. To do so follow the above
– Go to the notification tray and click on the wifi icon
– Find your network from the list of networks, click on it, thereafter find the properties option and click on it.
– Thereupon you will find an option which says “Make this PC discoverable”. Turn the feature On to make the network private.

Fix2: Check your Power Management options and fix them

Checking the power management setting on your PC might give a viable cause as to why your Wifi is getting disconnected every time automatically. If the Power saver mode is on, this is likely causing the wifi to disrupt automatically. Here is the fix:

– Go to Device Manager on your computer. To do so, press the window key along with the x key (window+X). From the menu that appears, click on the Device manager option.
– Look for Network Adapter from the list of drivers and click on the arrow to expand it. Thereupon you will find a list of network adapters
– Double click on the Network Adapter your computer is using. There you will find different tabs on the top. Go to the Power Management Tab.
– Find the option which says Allow computer to turn off the device to save power.
– Uncheck the box next to it and then click OK to save the setting.
– Restart your device to make the settings take effect.

Fix3: Disable the feature “wifi Sense” on your Windows 10

Window Sense is in its early stage and is quite unstable right now. The Window Sense feature on your device is likely causing the problem. You need to turn it off or disable it
– Click on the Start icon on your screen which you will find at the lower left of the screen. Go to settings from there.
– You can also alternatively press Windows Key and Letter I key simultaneously to go to PC settings directly
– There you need to find the Network and Internet tab then go to Wifi and click on Manage Wifi settings. The wifi settings can be found under your wifi connection in which you are facing the issue.
– Thereafter disable Wifi Sense from the option given and you are all set.

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