Waze vs. Google Maps: Comparing the efficient navigation system

Have you ever tried commuting in a new city and got lost? Had it ever happened to you that while traveling in a new place, you went through the same place twice? Then don’t worry, you are not the only one who faced these situations. There are tons of people who have faced these situations while in new places. However current Navigation systems have solved this situation to a great extent. When we think about Navigation System, the one thing that comes to our mind is the Google Map application. Almost everyone with a Smartphone has heard about Google Maps. It is quite efficient in helping you to find ways to your destination. There is another app which is known as Waze and is also run by Google incorporated. In this article, we are going to compare two of the best navigation system to date. Let’s take a look at Waze vs. Google Maps comparison in detail.

Google Maps vs. Waze: About the Systems

What is Google Map? 

Google Maps is a popular navigation app which you can find on your Smartphone. Also, you can search for Google Maps on your browser to utilize this utility. Google Map is built with a lot of things in mind, for example, you can get routes on basis of your journey. If you are walking you get one route, for cars and bikes there is a different one. There is a schedule for buses and trains which shows when a bus or train is leaving from a station or how much time is left to reach your station and so on. Google assistant in sync with Google maps helps you out in identifying directions through voice while you are not looking in the map. Apart from that, there are different views viz. satellite view, a traffic view, and more for your convenience. Satellite view is the real-time image of the world through which you can hover to any location and watch it exactly as it is. The traffic view gives information about traffic jams and the quickest roads.

What is Waze?

Waze is kind of like Google Map and social media combined. Waze has almost all the features of Google Map and additional features like social media networks. It was purchased by Google back in 2013 and developed separately as a GPS Navigation app that is community-based. Users of Waze can alert other fellow Waze users of an anomaly, road accidents, road blockage, diversions, and much more. Thus you can get to your destination conveniently as it also gives “Estimated time on Arrival” according to traffic conditions. The Waze app helps in finding different utility centers like petrol stations, gas stations and also can play music from Spotify.

Google Map Vs Waze: The comparison

Voice Navigation: You get directions and voice navigation when you use both apps. Google supports voice navigation for private transport, public transport, cycleways, train ways, and walking Information system Google Maps uses a data-based approach to produce “Estimated Time on Arrival” and other locality information. The Waze navigation system, it’s more driven by the community. Waze uses live information provided by its end-user to generate a direction for you to reach your destination.

Internet connectivity required?

Google Maps has an offline mode which means it download some app features and makes it available offline while some features require Internet connectivity. Waze on the other hand requires Internet connectivity to process information as it is driven by responses shared by its end users.

What information is included in Google Maps vs Waze?

Google Maps works like a local listing, thus providing updated details about the locality. You can find hotels, restaurants, local businesses, shops, and their information like the menu, pricing, pictures, and much more. Waze only provides information regarding routes and does not provide much about the locality or information about the community.

User Interface: User Interface can be a bit difficult to understand while you use Google Maps. People have often commented about missing flyover routes as they can’t distinguish flyover from normal routes while they are in the Google map app. On the other hand, Waze has a very minimalistic design, which is lightweight, sleek ad has options for 3D interfaces. Above all, Waze users take less time to get acquainted with the app.

Voice Navigation: Google and Waze, both have Navigation voices. Google offers navigation for all of its features which include biking, driving, walking, and other direction related features. However, Google does not give you options to customize the voice. In Waze, you get the voice navigation for all its features but there you also get custom options for voices. You can use celebrity voices or even your voice as a navigation assistant.

Monitoring the trip: Both of the apps does best when it comes to suggestions. Both the apps analyze your trip details and give you valuable suggestions accordingly. In Google, it will tell you when to take turns or if you miss a turn it will reroute itself to help you reach your destination. Waze calculates your speed and can tell you if you are going too fast.

Other Features: Google Maps integrates other Google apps to give a perfect navigation system. It also integrates third-party apps like ride-sharing apps so that you can book a cab directly from the Google Map app. Waze saves the commonly used routes and frequent destinations. You can get all the destinations with a single click in the app.

Conclusion: Waze is very useful while you are in a city as it will give you information based on people’s opinions. You can get Traffic Jam alerts, hazards like landslides, road blockages, and other anomalies. Waze helps you to avoid getting a ticket as people alert the driver in advance where there is a police checking going on. For long trips, Google Map is better as there will be less information available in remote areas, and thus for which Waze will not be very much useful. Since Google Maps consist of a descriptive map view, so you get more information in advance without relying on other people.

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