Tidal vs. Spotify

Music Streaming apps are quite popular these days. People prefer online music platforms rather than downloading mp3 songs on their mobiles which consume heavy data and internal storage as well. With that being said two of the famous music streaming apps are giving head competition to each other as well as the rest of the other music apps in the market. These Music apps are Tidal and Spotify. These both apps serve the same purpose of music streaming however, tidal gives priority to good quality music as well as its artists and Spotify is more like a social media for Music Streaming,

Let us take a look at the comparison of Tidal vs. Spotify in details

Tidal vs. Spotify: Overview

Tidal and Spotify both offer cool user interfaces. The music discovery in both apps is quite easy and to the point. They give options to search music based on mood, genre, and activity. Also, both apps help you to stream radio channels. These streaming services are designed as such, that they will recommend you music based on your likings.

In Tidal you can create up to 8 playlists based upon 8 genres. You can save songs to your collection which is also known as My Mix. They will update your “My Mix” regularly based upon the music you listen to every day. In Spotify, the same thing happens over 7 days instead of daily. On the other hand, Spotify has this “discover weekly” feature which enables you to listen to 6 different playlists that Spotify creates for you based on Genre, mood, and listening habits. Out of all the six playlists by Spotify, the most liked playlists are the Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Time Capsule, and Release radar.

Tidal has a tab called Tidal Releasing where you will find the rising artists who are selected by Tidal Moderators based on an artist’s performance. Hence you can discover new artists and their songs through this feature of Tidal. Spotify, however, has a different approach, which is the “charts” tab where all the popular and trending music gets to keep on adding.

Spotify has a music base of over 50 million whereas in Tidal it is more than 60 million songs. You can directly submit your music to Spotify whereas you have to submit through distributors in Tidal.

Tidal vs. Spotify: Podcast and Videos

Tidal does not offer podcasts as such because it is quite focused on the artists however there are lots of video content on tidal. Tidal offers 2500k videos on its platform which is exclusive content and available for Tidal users only. Some of these videos are that of live performances, movies, documentaries, music videos, and much more. On the other hand, Spotify has tons of podcast content on its platform along with features like speed adjuster and sleep timer which are podcast-specific features. Spotify doesn’t have any video content on its platform which makes Tidal go ahead in the game.

Tidal vs. Spotify: Social media features and integrations

Spotify has a social feature that enables its users to listen to their friend’s created playlists on the go. The name of that feature is Friend Activity where you get to see the music activity of a friend of yours and can listen to what they are listening to. You can follow your friends by searching them by their username through Facebook. Spotify has social media integrations with likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder which allows you to share Spotify music on these social media platforms. The feature of friend activity can only be accessed through the desktop app and developers are still discovering a way to integrate it into the Mobile app. If you however want your activity to be private then you can easily turn off the feature in the settings. On the other hand, Tidal has only the option to share a link to the song on the Tidal platform to a social media account of yours.

Tidal vs. Spotify: Quality of streaming

Tidal has variable settings for streaming quality and you can choose whether to save your mobile data while listening to music or listen to the music in the highest quality. Tidal provides music in 320 Kbps and the HiFi quality. Apart from that, you can reduce the quality as well to save some data. However to take the full benefits of high-quality music you need to have good headphones of studio standards. Spotify has audio streaming quite similar to that of Tidal and presents up to 320 Kbps of audio quality for aac files.

Tidal vs. Spotify: other features

Spotify releases statistics of your account on the year-end which is represented by infographics and in video format. It depicts the amount of time you spend on Spotify, the artist you have most streamed, countries, and much more. You can share the same on your social media accounts with ease. They named it “wrapped” which gets launched every year in December.

Spotify also allows you to play mp3 files locally which is still a thing for many users. Some music is yet to be added on these platforms but is available as mp3 on the artist’s page which can be accessed through a third-party app different from Spotify or Tidal. To enjoy those songs you need to download them and thus you can use the Spotify offline player to play those local mp3 files easily. Tidal along with this feature also provides music transfer from a different platform to their platform with the help of third-party apps.

If your car has the functionality of Android Auto or Apple Car Play then it is quite easy for Spotify as well as Tidal to get integrated into your car system and thus you can be able to play music on your car itself from Spotify or Tidal on the go.


In the end, it depends upon your choices and preferences which will lead you to select one of these music streaming platforms. Spotify is more user-oriented where a user wants to discover new music along with the popular ones and can share with friends. Tidal is, however, artist-oriented that is it will provide you songs from top artists and renowned singers. Tidal has a High Fiedlielity of music format where Spotify lacks it. Spotify comes with tons of social features and the most important thing Spotify premium is less costly than Tidal.

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