Sceptre TV Review in detail

Smart TVs are getting a lot of attention these days thanks to OTT platforms. With a Smart TV, you can watch almost every other OTT platform. The only catch here is that you have to subscribe to their platforms and have a powerful internet connection. Among all the TV brands we quite missed out on a great brand which the Sceptre. Sceptre TV Brand remains the top-selling brand in Wal-Mart in the past few months. However, you will be amazed by the selling price of the TV. Even the 4k ones go out for prices that are equal to the price of average version TVs of other big brands. With that being said the article will give a detailed walkthrough of how the Sceptre TV performs, specifications, and should you go for it. Let us dive deep into the Sceptre TV review in detail.

Sceptre TV overview

Sceptre TV was first launched in 1984 and since then it is getting popular due to its low pricing and lots of premium features. Sceptre usually manufactures its TV sets without any bezel that makes it more stunning. It comes in 16 million pixels of color which is 4 times more than a full HD television set and which gives you a stunning visual full HD experience and clarity. The Sceptre TV has 4 HDMI ports so that you can connect 4 devices at once along with one USB port. It supports ATSC, NTSC, and clear QAM. The Sceptre TV sets have a wall mount feature so that you can easily mount them in the wall with some screws.

Sceptre TV Dimensions and weight

Sceptre TV has a dimension of 28.78 inches x 16.97 inches x 2.95 inches whereas with the stand the dimensions are 28.78 inches x 18.39 inches x 7.95 inches. The net weight of a Sceptre TV is 9.65 lbs or 4.377 Kilograms. The horizontal and vertical angles help you to watch the TV without losing on picture quality. The 10w speakers give a high quality and crisp audio and the TV is compatible with 200 x 200 millimeter VESA wall mounts. These wall mounts are sold separately hence are chargeable.

Sceptre TV features and other specifications

Sceptre is one of the most underrated TV and many people don’t know about the brand but if you buy it then you will know that there are no such other TV brands that are providing such vibrant TV on this low budget. It has got excellent color and quality. The inbuilt QAM is so good that you will be easily able to attach the cable with it. The HDMI ports make it a stunning smart TV which helps it to display high-quality audio and graphics. You can connect your personal devices viz. Smartphone, tablet, or laptop in the TV via the USB port. Since it has VGA inputs and AV ports, hence the old devices can also be plugged into it. The power range of Sceptre TV remains between 100v to 240v. Here are some other stunning features of the TV. The TV comes in a LED panel which is capable of generating 16 million colors of great picture quality. The Sceptre TV comes with a 3 year factory warranty which means in between three years if the TV malfunctions naturally and not by external force or anomaly then the company is bound to replace it free of cost which makes it way better than other smart TVs which has only 1 year of warranty.

Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation or MEMC 120

MEMC 120 or Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation 120 is the technology that helps a viewer to watch actions in the TV set without any disruption. This feature makes the videos and transition smoother. The Sceptre TV comes with this same feature and thus you can watch action sequences without any disruption or lags.

Energy Efficient TV set

The TV sets which are energy efficient come with an energy rating. The energy rating is a symbol that the TV set you have purchased does not leak greenhouse gases which are harmful to the environment. The Sceptre TV comes with an energy rating of V7.0 and thus making it environment friendly. It also denotes that it will consume less power than other non rated TV sets which will help you in saving a huge amount on electricity bills.

MHL, HDMI, and USB availability

The Sceptre TV has the MHL feature which means Mobile High definition Link. With the help of this feature, you can view media from your devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops in High Definition mode. The media you will be viewing will be in High Definition mode. The Sceptre TV also features an HDMI port which means you can easily watch media from other devices with HDMI ports. Also, you can simply add a streaming device to turn your TV into a smart TV. The USB port lets you plug n play media from your USB enabled devices like pen drives. You can also add a keyboard or mouse to make it a Personal computer as well.

Should you go for a Sceptre TV?

Sceptre TV manufacturers, manufacture Sceptre TVs for a specific budget conscious audience. They don’t care much about missing few features. Most Sceptre TV does not have the inbuilt smart features that other smart TVs have but since it has connectivity options, you can connect Roku, Amazon fire stick, or chromecast to make it a smart TV. The Sceptre TVS does not give you life like pictures that another High end TV of renowned brands provides but at this low price you will be getting a great television set. With that being said, if you want an extra TV screen or do not much care about high-end 4K features then you should definitely go for it.

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