Fall In Love With These Must Have Apps For Android Tv

After buying your Android TV, it is ultimately the right time for thinking about the adequate app for your smart TV. You have to pick up the apps according to your interest and what you love to do in your free time.

In the next lines, we will talk about the top Android apps to use on smart TV apps. Using these android TV apps, you can get many premium features that you will not find in other platforms.

MX Player

MX player is a primordial android app for your leisure time. You will be able to play videos with high quality and optimized features. The players can support many formats. You can play local videos and external ones too. The codecs can support a huge amount of languages when it comes to subtitles. The user experience is also over the top. Actually, anyone can use it.

It has USB ports to play your different videos. You can watch your favorite movies with your favorite subtitles without any limitation for free. Moreover, although the app is free, it holds a lot of advanced features.

Sideload Launcher

Actually, you will not be able to find all your apps as you do in your android smartphones. Truth be told, the smart TV store is not holding the same apps as the phone play store. You will find many apps that are not compatible with Android TV. This is why the new Sideload launcher can make all your wanted apps available. You will be ultimately able to run any kind of android app too.

However, you have to pay attention that apps you often side loaded are not going to show up on our home screen. The only way to find them is to head to the setting menu. On the other hand, you can install a third-party app to make them show in your menu. The sideload launcher can make them handy and displayed on your home screen. It is a great android app for TV that shortcut your sideloaded apps.


Netflix is another steady TV app that can make your free time real cool time. You need a Netflix subscription if you want to have unlimited access to millions of TV shows and movies. Buying an AndroidTV is accompanied surely by Netflix. It is free to download but you have to pay to have access to the giant database of movies. You will always get notified by the new content added to the app too. Netflix is your alley if you buy a smart TV nowadays.


If you already have a wide collection of TV shows and movies then Plex can help you in casting them. You will be able to cast them around all your multiple Android devices and screens in your entire home. You can have access to many categories or metadata movies artwork and viewer ratings too. In addition to that, you can add subtitles with your favorite language too.

You can use Plex for free without the need to pay a single penny. However, if you want to watch your movies remotely then a fee will take a place.


Actually, Android Tv supports the famous google cast. In other words, if you have to cast content from a smartphone to your smart TV, for instance, you can make it easily without any small problem. However, Apple airplay is not supported at all. Especially if you have an app smartphone and you want to cast content to the Android TV.

For this reason, you have to install the Airscreenapp so it could happen. If you use an IPad or iPhone, you can cast any content on your smart TV. The android app is ultimately free and you can use it for life.

X-Plore File Manager

The X-Plore file manager is very useful for your phone. Especially if you have the intention to sideload your apps. We can find other alternatives lie Tvexploer and Total commander too. However, the X-plore is the most optimized explorer for your Android Tv. It is super-fast and easy to use.

The app relies on the dual-pan approach. In other words, you will be able to transfer your APK from USB to your TV storage without any complication. You can use the app for free. The app will never slow your device. On contrary, you will explore huge flexibility and smoothness in exploring your files.

Google Drive

If you want access to your files from your smart TV then you have to install google drive. Online storage can make you able to access an open your file from your new smart TV easily. However, google drive is not available in google store for Android TV. However, the solution is to sideload the app and use X-plore in order to make it visible on your home screen. The app is free and you can use it for life.


Kodi is your ultimate solution for privileged content. It looks like Plex however it is more efficient. You will have unlimited access to videos, weather updates, productivity tools, and many other features embedded in the extension. In fact, it stands as a great solution for watching IP TV too. It is exclusive for Android, you will not find it elsewhere. The app is completely free.

Wake on LAN

If you want to wake up your smart TV remotely the Wake on Lan is your ultimate choice. To you establish local streaming on Kodi for instance it will be your first choice. If it happens that your device goes to sleep then the app will force it to wake up so you can stream again without interruption. The app is completely free and easy to set up.

In the end, we can confirm that the previous android apps for Android TV are among the top solutions in matters of performance and active users’ satisfaction. Using one of the previous apps in your smart TV will make your experience over the top of expectations.

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