List of New Technology in Web Development That Every Developer Should Know in 2021

Web development strategies change quite often and come with trends that better the loading speed, enhance rank, and provide ease to the reader. In the past couple of years, you might have seen many trends but as for now, and in 2021 it has its own set of unique stuff that you should adopt.

While adopting a new procedure and implementing new technologies in web development, you have to stay selective. Learning about the type, role, advantages and other essential stuff of the latest technology matters a lot. For a newbie, recommendations should be easy to use and definitive.

List of Top 10 Latest Technology in Web Development 

Here are the top 10 new technologies that can help to boost the rank of your website effectively. Let’s have a look –

  1. Progressive Web Apps

PWA, also termed as Progressive Web Apps, plays a remarkable role in enriching user experience by working as a native app. Your website performs faster, better, and gives you an easy to use experience. More than 65% of portals adopted this new change. The same goes for investors as the sales boosted remarkably. The browsing website on a smartphone seems easy when PWA is installed. It works perfectly for E-commerce, low development budgets companies, and news platforms.

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

AI is gaining a huge hype from the past couple of years and being used in robotics, image tracking, and several other purposes. There was a time when bots used to work on scripted command but adding AI help to create a better user experience. AI is the future and learning the basics in 2020 will keep you ahead of competitors. Most B2C companies are already using this technology so it depends upon you that how you want to utilize this new technology in web development for a better UI.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Days are gone when most people used to type in search engines. Due to the increase in demand for a voice assistant in a smartphone, Voice Search Optimization is essential for every business. Instead of searching for a food restaurant or location, people use voice assistant and get instant results. You have to add specific keywords that are possible when people searching using Alexa, Ok Google, or Siri. Coming with optimization will boost ranking by three times.

  1. 4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Back in 2018, most websites started using AMP which is also termed as Accelerated Mobile Pages. It helps websites loading pages at a faster rate and enhancing the performing makes your website an excellent choice for users. Search engines also want that users get websites that load faster so using AMP will improve your website ranking in a better manner. From making your website mobile friendly to adding fully-scope features, overall user experience expands.

  1. Single Page Application

To avoid seamless communication problems and providing most features related to a server on a single page, the use of Single Page Application is excellent. Providing a range of features on a single page will reduce hassle and the fast internet speed make things easier. There is no need for creating several pages when JavaScript can help to add all the things in a few clicks. Most social media platforms are implementing it.

  1. 6. Automation Testing

To make the development procedure less costly while maintaining the quality experience, Development Stages Automation works the best for you. It helps to know about the firm aim of loading a website and the overall functionality. It will let you know whether the product or service you want to sell is ready for the distribution or not.

  1. 7. Motion UI

As a user scroll through the page or approach any specific section, it should have few visual changes. It is possible with some animation but the major part is Motion UI which will detect whether the user is scrolling or at a specific area. Having an aesthetic look and visual changes on the website make it eye-catchy and it will help you get better usability. It is part of a marketing strategy and an experienced developer can easily get you such amazing features. Required resources in this process are very low so you can prefer it.

  1. JavaScript

Frameworks are required for the website to function properly and when it comes to responsiveness JavaScript is the best one. It is an open-based platform with phenomenal advantages that will lead to effective working and several other advantages. It involves UI, UX, and several other features which will play a great role in better usability. If you want to keep the expenses part low then this is the best choice and you can find plenty of developers who can design a JavaScript framework for a lower cost for sure.

  1. 9. Blockchain

As with the increase in demand for cryptocurrency, people started learning about blockchain but it is completely a different thing. The concept first appeared in 2004 and the use of cryptocurrency is increasing the demand. In 2019 only, more than 36M cryptocurrency wallets were used for the transaction which indicates that the demand is rising. If the demand keeps rising, it will bring revolution. Among all of the technologies in web development, blockchain is going to get a great hype pretty soon.

  1. Responsive Website

Did you check your website’s responsiveness? Well, website responsive plays a key role in boosting site performance and also increases site visitor count significantly. There are tools for RWD which will help you know about functionality. If there is any sort of issue with the working or hyperlinks, it will point out the issue so that you don’t have to worry about broken links or bugs. It goes for both, desktop as well as mobile-friendly web pages.

Bottom Line

Implementing the above-given ten trends and learning their UI will prepare you for the upcoming year. Foreseeing trends and being ready with all the essential tools will make you competitive and let you target better anchor text with a boost in sales. It doesn’t matter that if you are selling products or services on your website, exposure enhances when your website ranks. It is only possible by keeping your website up-to-date. We hope that our article could satisfy your search for new technology in web development in 2021 provides a significant boost to your website.

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