Secret To Write a SEO Friendly Blog Post In Less Than Ten Minutes

If you want to achieve success with your blog then you have to master many SEO techniques. If your content does not meet the new SEO standards then you will be wasting your time and energy. For this reason, we will talk in details about how you can write a SEO friendly blog post.

Try to determine your main topic

Make sure to determine your topic. The more accuracy you seek, the more audience engagement you will captivate. It will even save a lot of time and effort later. When you develop your blog post, you will not distract the reader. This is because the main topic is already set. Like that, the ideas flow will be adjusted according to the main topic.

Before digging deep in your writing, try to ask yourself the following crucial questions:

  • What is the main topic which my post is going to cover?
  • What is the purpose of my post?
  • How I can make my audience get engaged with my topic?
  • Why they will choose to continue reading my post after the first five seconds?

The previous question will make it easy for you to seek accuracy in your content with simplicity.

Use keywords wisely

Keywords injection in your blog post is also important. However, you do not have to place them randomly in your content. They need to be injected in a natural way. Accordingly, The reader will feel the flow of ideas smoothly.

The main places of keywords are:

  • The title of your blog post
  • Within the headings of your post
  • In the content, but make it consistent
  • At the conclusion

Actually, if you find difficulties in finding keywords for your blog post then try to rely on the Google keyword tool for instance. It will provide you with different keywords that can go with your topic. Accordingly, choose the adequate ones for your content.

Work on the length of your blog posts

In fact, experts in SEO confirm that the longer your article is, the more it will be ranked in the top search engines. However, this fact does not mean short articles are not going to be well ranked. It is all about the quality of the content and whether the audience finds what they want from your blog.  Actually, if you still a beginner in the field of content writing then try to start by short blog posts. It is better to work on quality over quantity. Moreover, try to use active voice, do not use much passive voice. Like that, you will keep your reader aware of what you want to say clearly.

You can compare your post with other competitors on Google. Do not imitate them, just get an idea of the amount of words your blog post should contain. Put in your mind that getting results takes time so you have to be patient.

Meta description is a crucial SEO optimizer

Try to work on your Meta description, it may stand as your first impression on your blog. You need to be as informative as you can. Actually, you have around 200 characters in order to convince your reader to continue reading. Search engines often rely on Meta descriptions to rank your website on the results too.

Try to share your Meta description with others before posting it to your audience. Like that, you can find out whether it needs any kind of revision or improvement. Especially when it comes to grammatical errors.

Use headings and subheading

Heading and subheading are the only indicators for google to grasp the main ideas which your topic covers. You need to work on them carefully. Try to add some keywords on heading and subheading but not in all of them. Do your best not to fall in the trap of keyword stuffing too.

Headings can also help the reader to map your content. In other words, they will not be distracted and lost on your blog post. They can even organize the ideas on their head easily.

Try to keep your paragraphs very short

Try to work on your paragraphs, never make them so long. In fact, the main reason why you have to make your paragraph as short as you can is the user experience of mobile users. They will find a lot of pain if your content paragraphs are so long. As result, they may quit your blog in a few seconds. This is why try to use two to three sentences for each paragraph. Besides, take advantage of the typography formatting like bold and italic so you can grasp their attention to your main points.

Add internal links in your content

Try to add internal links for your previous related posts. In other words, if you have already written about another topic that may be relative to the one you work on, add a reference to it. However, try to do it only when it is appropriate and accurate. Internal links are highly recommended for building SEO blog posts.

  • They can make search engines find other pages on your blog
  • Theycan make the search engine understand the subjects you work on
  • You can make your audience spend more time on your website
  • You can use the keywords in the anchor text too.
  • Internal links can make the reader convinced that your blog is rich of information

Work on your backlinks

Backlinks are other factors that boost your visibility on the top search engine ranking too. Try to pick up credible and high-quality blogs and websites to refer to your blog. As result, you will have more organic traffic coming from different resources. Backlinks have huge power in boosting your ranking. You can also do the same and redirect your readers to other blogs. However, try to choose high-quality blogs in order to meet Google and other search engines requirement of ranking.

In the end, we can confirm that the previous SEO tips are the main factors that can boost your ranking on the most privileged search engines today.How to write a SEO friendly blog post

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