The Ultimate Guide To Make Apps Without Coding

People used to learn complicated technologies in order to develop apps. The process may take months and even years. If you want to work on an app for your business or any other purposes, you may not have a huge amount of time to make it happen.

In this post, we will talk about how you can make apps from scratch without the need for coding.


You can create apps with no coding for android and iOS using the cloud-based app builder. You have actually only a limited number to work on. On the other hand, if you want more, you have to update your account.

Actually, the AppMakr has a tremendous amount of features that you can rely on. You can implement push notifications, music and video streams, chat rooms, social media integrations, and many more features that make your app professional for your business. The cloud-based technology handles the best monitoring for your future app thanks to the well-optimized dashboard. You can monitor the functionality and the performance of your app in live mode. Actually, it is completely free for starters. However, if you have the intention to publish your app, then you have to purchase a one-lifetime update for 99 USD.


GameSalad is a well-reputed game builder for IOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms too. The great news is that you do need any prior acknowledge about programming. You can start the game design with a super-fast drag and drop system.

The game builder holds a lot of character editing options in your game scene. Moreover, you can add many features related to our sound, graphics, shadows, and many other advanced components to make your game professional. Another bright side of GameSalad is the forum. It has a massive community to communicate with and ask for help if you get stuck. You can even ask for their feedback to develop and improve your app. You can use it for free for starters however after getting benefits, you need to pay 299 USD yearly.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is another cloud tool to build your apps for Windows, IOS, and Android. You can develop the features you need and publish the app to google play or even iTunes. The app builder is super easy to use. You can drag and drop the component and design your app with the ideas you have in mind. Actually, you do not need any prior installation to start building apps with no coding.

The app relies on hybrid Technology that can work on all the platforms today including blackberry. You can add any features that you see nowadays in the market. We are talking about push notifications, gyroscope, GPS, etc. You can even link your app with blogs, radio station, and many other media feed for your different purposes.

Most businesses use QR code and a One-touch call too. The platform already provided for app owners using the App Pie. You can embed it in your app using a well explained easy code. The platform cots can range from free to 33 USD per month depending on the features you use.


If you use Appery, you can ultimately build your future mobile apps without coding in zero time. You do not have to master or even know any programming language. You can drag and drop components and start seeing results. One can easily develop your user interface thanks to the super easy to use a system of drag and drop. You can actually publish your app for windows phone, android, and iOS.

Appery has a strong plugin that lets you customize and add functions to your app. You can also make your own plugin if you know a little bit about coding. Furthermore, the app-building platform allows you to share your app with others in real-time without the need for any requirement. All is set in the cloud. You can use the app for free, however, if you need more advanced options then the price may reach 180 USD per month.


Swiftic used to be called Como. You can great your own apps without any coding skills. The app builder has a wide set of features to implement in your app. The platform offers great tools to develop your own app and share it with your clients too. You will easily turn them into active users. The steps to create the app are easy all you need to do is choose a theme and pick up a category then you can publish your app easily. You are app will look more professional. Any person on earth can use Swiftic to make his own app.

The Swiftic is a real guru in the area of making apps without coding. Thanks to the advanced features the platform embed, even developers use it for their fast to develop apps. They do not have time to develop it with coding. The platform can easily make your app without any complications. You can simply customize your app features, implement push notification, monetizing apps with the most privileged companies, and more. You can use the analytics tools that can make you track your app and analyze the behavior of your audience. Like that, you can make a decision about your next move for your business.

If you want to jump from the free version to the paid one then it may become kind of expensive. Especially for starters. The cost can go from 29 USD to 39 USD. The price can change depending on your method of payment.


All the previous solutions are cloud-based technologies. Due to the cloud, you can publish your app in real-time without any restrictions or technical problems.  They offer you an adequate app development platform without coding. Actually, even the trial period can be more than enough to make and publish your app. However, once you start boosting your business move to the advanced option, you will make your app look more professional without any coding because of the features embedded in. Choosing one of the previous tools is your chance to make your app without the need for coding skills.

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