How to charge Joy cons? Explained in details

Joy-Cons are the controller produced by Nintendo Switch. Joy-cons are the controller that attaches to the sides of the console switch. For smoother Gameplay, great ergonomics in a controller is often preferred. There is a variety of controllers available in the market and all of them have different charging modes and ways. A lot of people often get confused as to how to charge Joy-cons. Also charging your Joy-Cons the wrong way may lead to low battery life throughout use. This article will describe all the aspects of charging a Joy-Con and as well tell you the correct way to charge a joy-con. Let us check out in detail on How to charge Joy-cons?

Nintendo Switch Joy Cons charging technique

The Joy Cons manufactured by Nintendo Switch has different charging options based on how you are playing with it. Let’s deep dive into some of the charging options provided by Nintendo Switch for their Joy con controllers. Check out from the list and use the technique which will deem fit for you.

Attaching to the side of the switch

The most convenient way to charge the Joy-con is to plug the Joy-cons to the sides of your Nintendo Switch. This option is most suitable when you are handheld playing or not playing at all.
– First of all, identify the left and right Joy-cons. It will be written in the Joy-cons itself. Place the Joy-cons in the Nintendo Switch by sliding them into the sides of the switch.
– If you are not playing, then make sure the switch is on. If the Nintendo Switch is not ON then the Joy Cons will not charge. While in Charging mode the switch will be in a sleep mode
– In case you are playing and you want to charge the Joy-Cons, then you need to play in handheld mode. In case of handheld mode, the Joy-Cons will acquire their charge from the Switch itself. However, the charging will get stopped when the Joy-cons are at 50% as this is done to ensure your Nintendo Switch has sufficient battery.

Separate USB charging grip

Nintendo does sell an aftermarket charger cable to charge your Joy Cons. This cable or grip is quite different from the charger cable provided along with the switch. Those don’t charge your Joy-cons though. This option is highly recommended when you are playing on your television and you remember that you need to charge your controller. Follow the steps given below to charge the Joy-Cons using a separate USB charging grip

– Open the slider on the top of your Joy-Cons. Attach your charging grip to the Joy-cons through the port provided on the top of Joy-Cons.
– Make sure you connect the grip to the USB port only or else it won’t charge and in the worst-case scenario can damage your Joy-Cons as well as your Switch.

A separate charging station or charging dock

Charging Dock or Charging stations are sold separately by Nintendo. A charging dock is something where there are lots of ports and you can charge multiple devices at one go. Usually, the Charging Dock provided by Nintendo has 4 ports and thus you can charge 4 Joy Cons controllers. Let’s take a look at how to charge the Joy-Con controller using a charging station or charging dock.

– Find the USB charging cable provided in the Charging Dock packet.
– Attach one side of the Charging Dock to the Nintendo Switch
– On the other side you will find four separate ports to attach the Joy-Con controllers
– Attach the Joy-con controllers through the ports of the controllers carefully
– Make sure the red indicator lights are turned on which will turn to green when 100% charged.

Battery Life of the Joy-Con controllers

Many gamers prefer Joy-Con controllers over Nintendo switch pro controllers and some others prefer the opposite. The liking of a controller depends upon the adjustability of the gamer with the controller. However, if we compare the battery life of both types we will see that the Nintendo pro controllers have the best battery life. The pro controllers can be used for up to 45 hours while in use. For Joy-Con the battery life drops to a whopping 20 hours which is less than half of the pro controller. The Joy-Con takes 3.5 hours to get fully charge while the Nintendo Switch pro controllers take 6 hours. In case you are more accustomed to handheld playing then Nintendo Joy-Con controllers is the best bet.

How to increase the battery life of your Joy-Con controller?

There are different ways to increase the battery life of a Joy-Con controller. Using with less brightness has proven to increase battery life by 60% as the most consumption of battery occurs through Screen backlight. You can turn your controller to Aeroplane mode when you are not using them to increase the battery life. You can choose what happens when the ac power is disconnected. Here choose Power saver mode. Also, you can put it to auto sleep when not in use or inactivity for over a set amount of time.


Nintendo Switch Controllers a.k.a Joy-cons are by far the most conventional controllers and people’s favourite ones. With that being said it needs a serious upgrade to continue the hype and compete with the pro controllers. Although in some cases it is doing a lot better than the hyped Nintendo Switch Pro controllers but then there is a long way ahead before finally the Joy-Con controllers can take a lead against the pro controllers.

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