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Google Search Engine is where it all started and now with so many applications, Google is rocking the world. There is not a single day that goes for people without using Google and its products nowadays. People nowadays have multiple Google accounts to make the most of the Google products and the free threshold of Google Drive.

Some processes of Google are quite complex and some look so simple but you have no idea how to do it. One major issue we will be discussing in the article is the problem of making a default Google account if you logged in to your device with multiple Google account. Here we have discussed various devices where you can change the default account to as you like. Let’s get deep into the solution on how to change the default Google account.

Changing default Google account in Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser is one of the most used browsers in the world. Sometimes we log into our Google accounts using it and here it gives us the freedom to use multiple Google accounts under the same roof. However, the one account you used to log in for the first time in your Google account through chrome is set to as the default account. There is no option whatsoever to change any other account as the default account.

To change a normal account to a Default account, follow the steps given below:
– Go to
– Look out for the profile picture at the top right corner
– Click on the picture which will show you a list of all the accounts you have logged in with
– Scroll to the bottom of the tab window and there you will find a sign out of all accounts
– Before signing out of all accounts make sure you have the credentials of those accounts or you may have trouble logging in again
– Once you have successfully logged out of all accounts, log in again with the account you want to make as a default account
– After successfully logging in to your account, the account will change to a default Google account
– You can keep it as it is or can also log in to other accounts as logging in to other accounts won’t hamper the default account.

Change default Google account on your android device:

Google is the most necessary service you need to login to use your Android Device. Today an Android Device mostly runs on Google and its services. Also without an internet connection, there is not much you can do on your Android device. Google provides the feature through which you can use multiple Google accounts under a single Android Device. The Google apps get directly affected by it whereas you can sign up for third party apps with the help of a Google account on your Android Device. For some apps to work according to your needs, you need to set the accounts right so that you can correctly interact with the account. Thus setting a default Google account is quintessential.

Follow the steps given below to change a normal account into a default account.

– Go to Settings on your Android Device and Search for a Google account in the search bar provided in the settings. This is the simple procedure to go directly to Google accounts settings as different devices have different layouts.
– Once there you can remove all the accounts. To do that go inside an account and click on the three dots you will find on the top left corner.
– Thereupon click on the Remove accounts option to remove the account. Before removing the account, make sure you have the credentials for the same account handy.
– Once you have completely removed all accounts from your device, select add an account and then select log in with an existing account.
– This account will be the one that you are trying to set as a default account for your Android Device.
– Once you are successfully logged in with this default account of yours, you can log in with other accounts and the default account won’t change.
– To do the same for your browsers on your Android device you need to repeat the same procedure by going into the browser setting of each browser where you want to change the default account and do it manually.

Change Default Google account on your iPhone: 

If you have Google apps installed on your iPhone, you will surely need to log in with a Google account. Here also you can manage multiple Google accounts. Choosing a default account is however necessary on iPhone to features inside iPhone to proceed with some apps on the device.

Follow the steps given below to change the default Google account on iPhone.
– Sign in with the Google account you want to set as a default account
– Open the Voice app where you need to set the default Google account
– On the top left, under Menu find the settings option and click on it
– Once there you can find the option under calls “set this account to default account” for calls that will be placed outside the app.
– Once you turn this on you can use the Google account as the default account for the Voice app.

Conclusion: Changing a default account on your Windows and Android Device is quite easy but then there could be some small changes that need to be done to make this simpler. It is not sure as to why Google has not introduced the feature yet where you can just click a button and change the required Google account into a default account. The long procedure is fine for once or twice but will get tedious if you want to change your default Google account too many times. Google updates its UI now and then and introduce new features. For now, we can just hope that we see some kind of feature which makes this work easy in the future.

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