Avast Secure Line VPN Review

Avast has been the pioneer in producing Anti Virus software for your personal computers. Avast has recently manufactured a VPN tunnel based software which they are calling Avast Secure Line. Avast Secure Line has a great set of server locations, great speeds, and strong VPN protection. In this article, you will go through details of VPN and Avast Secure line. Let us dive deep into it before you purchase Avast Secure Line.

VPN Tunnels explained in details

A VPN which is the short form for Virtual Private Network is a private server that secures your internet connection, masks it and makes it invisible for monitoring by the higher authorities. In a non VPN server, anyone can keep an eye over your activities and that too without you having any clue about it. They will collect information about you and sell it to other businesses to earn a hefty profit out of it. However, when you activate a VPN tunnel, your line gets encrypted and secured from outsiders. A Virtual Private server does not keep your computer unharmed from malicious attacks though. If you are using a VPN, you can still get attacked by malicious software or malware.

Avast Secure Line features

Security and VPN protocols:

Avast secure line has a strong and secured network for a safe browsing experience. Avast Secure Line uses 256-bit encryption which means decrypting this will be a tedious task. Avast Secure Line comes with IPSec and UDP protocols. These protocols are the most reliable and strongest security protocols. The Avast Secure Line will never store your data like visited websites, apps you use and content viewed. Avast also claims in their company policy that they don’t store user details. The company policy is very easily accessible and understandable

DNS Leak:

Avast Secure Line helps you to keep your IP address secured all the time thus there is less chance of a leak. In most of the free VPN, you will find that they leak DNS and thus those VPN does not work on all platforms. To meet the high standards, Avast Secure Line developers are consistently adding new servers to their network which will provide more added security to the VPN tunnel.

Avast Secure Line also uses an open-source protocol which is Open VPN. The Open VPN is used for the Windows OS and Android OS. There is one more protocol which is the IKEv2 protocol used Mac OS and iOS operating systems. Wire Guard is another technology used by other modern VPN. This is an open-source protocol as well, however; we don’t see this technology on the Avast Secure line which pushes it to the back of the competition. Avast is quite transparent in their privacy policy but they, however, tend to take some useful information for their research purpose. However, there are VPN providers who don’t even have a login system. They keep timestamps of the connections made to avoid malpractices and misuses. You can check the above with a DNS Leak test tool if they are leaking DNS requests or not.


Avast secure line has a moderate bandwidth in some locations and quite fast in other server locations. While in high-speed internet, it gives2 ms and 301 Mbps in the Russian Server, in Taiwan, it is 307 Mbps and 5 ms and highest download speed in Poland, Finland, Hungary, and Germany with average ms of 30 and highest speed of 834 Mbps. The upload rates are higher in Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, and France.

Servers and Server Locations provided in Avast Secure Line VPN

A virtual server location that is near your physical location is always better. There is a better chance of spoofing if you get more servers and thus people often look for these two things in a VPN provider. With that being said Avast Secure Line provides 35 Virtual Locations counties which are way below the other big competitors in the market. There are VPN service providers who provide more than 90 private server locations across the world. However, it provides virtual servers in African and South American regions which are often ignored by many top competitors in the market. Avast Secure Line has also included Russia, Turkey, and China in the list of countries. A notable fact is that Avast secure Line however provides 700 servers which are quite fair but still lags behind top competitors in the market.

Usability and Installation:

Downloading the app is quite easy as you will get the detailed procedure on their official website. Not only this but Installing the software is quite smooth as well. You can avoid the login form as you can enter the security provided on your Avast account page. The design is quite cleaner on the outside and an average person will quickly understand the ifs and buts of the app. With that being said its users won’t have to go through tutorials or documentation to use the app.

The application shows three components on the main screen which your current IP address, your virtual IP address, and the time the user is connected. You can browse through different country locations to select a server.

Does Avast Secure Line help in accessing Netflix shows of different countries?

There are lots of rumors regarding this topic. Netflix has a strong VPN detecting tool and any anomalies in the connection can easily get detected. Netflix thus prevents the user to spoof their location watch content that is restricted in their country. With Avast Secure Line there is no problem in viewing the content. However, it might not help in viewing content that is restricted in your country.

Is Avast Secure Line available on other platforms?

Avast Secure Line gives seaming experience in Windows OS, iOS, Android OS, and Mac OS. The same cannot be said for Routers, Streaming devices, and Linux OS. This is one lagging that makes its competitors move way forward in the competition.


Avast Secure Line is new in this line of VPN tunnels but has a strong root from its predecessor. Avast Secure Line has some good results while it comes to speed tests and Security. It is lagging in many areas than its competitors. In terms of pricing, it provides tough competition but then it has quite fewer features than its competitors. In terms of storing user data, it can do better but the fact that it is transparent in its policies gives it a good rating.


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